What is CRAM

The CRAM (Consiglio Regionale Abruzzesi nel Mondo - Regional Council of Abruzzo in the World) is an advisory body that brings together the members elected by the Associations, Federations and Confederations of Abruzzo in the world. The Observatory for the emigration is a body that brings together representatives of a national associations that have a permanent place in the region and which operate in Italy and abroad in favor of migrants and their families, representatives of organizations, trade unions and institutions in various capacities dealing with emigration. The components of C.R.A.M. and the Observatory attend meetings free of charge, for CRAM representatives are entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses incurred to attend the annual meeting of the organism. The Abruzzo Region recognizes and supports the social, cultural and welfare functions carried out by the Associations, Federations and Confederations operating abroad and in Italy outside the region with its offices and facilities to any available title and with continuity in favor of migrants and their families and keeps at the Emigration Office of the regional Council the Register of Associations of the emigrants and their federations and confederations which are stated in the section before the associations abroad with its seat in favor of Abruzzo emigrants and their families and in the second section of the associations working with the same aims in Italy outside the region. The associations registered in that register play activities for the benefit of the Abruzzo community established in the foreign country or Italian region, not for profit and propaganda of party and must be constructed and operated according to democratic criteria.

The Regional Council of Abruzzo in the world generally meets once a year; it consists of 36 members selected among representatives of the Abruzzo’s associations abroad, a representative of the Italian associations outside the region, a representative of the Emigration Observatory and representatives of the Regional Council and a representative of the Regional Government, which is its president.

C.R.A.M. makes proposals to support the people of Abruzzo emigrated abroad or to facilitate their returning home, studies the phenomenon of migration, and provides news and proposes initiatives to inform the Abruzzo communities abroad about the issues and aspects of regional life, by promoting appropriate links with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as with the offices, organizations and institutions working in the field; contributes to the spread, through the communication vehicles, of news about the life, activity and regional legislation to fellow emigrants abroad. CRAM also offers promotional activities abroad in cooperation with the associations of emigrants and pronounced regional update of the Register of Associations and Federations of Abruzzo’s people emigrated abroad. It also recommends cultural, educational, economic and welfare interventions, in favor of emigrants and their families, with particular reference to the use of community resources.


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