Regional emigration

Effort, pain, pride: three words that express the epic deeds of compatriots of our nation and our region who in millions between the Nineteenth and Twentieth century have faced difficulties and prejudices to achieve dreams of a better life, at least more dignified. Letters written in dialect or more or less uncertain Italian; black and white or in color photographs taken in every latitude; work, love, struggle songs; diaries; documents...: from the archives, from attics, trunk and suitcases, from the newspapers, from the memories revives the world of victories and defeats of "when they were us to start" now often forgotten or ignored by the younger generations. The following lines neither have nor want to claim to be complete: they act rather as a switch to turn on connections with a more or less recent past, the root of our present, divided into three large periods of Abruzzo regional emigration.



Regional Museum of Emigration "Pascal D'Angelo" - Via Piana, Introdacqua

The museum is made up of large exhibition halls and a multi-purpose room which is used for conferences and as a venue for temporary exhibitions. The layout allows the visitor to follow the story of the phenomenon of migration, especially to the Americas, through special eduactional panels with captions and message boards. There are also exhibits with original artifacts and documents such as passports, certificates, tickets and passenger lists. The photographic images and small objects guide the visitor through a journey of "real life" that is actually made up of many individual stories. After the introduction, the partially completed museum leads the visitor to learn about the experiences of the Italian-American Pascal D'Angelo through his literary works. The phenomenon of the "Great Migration" to America is described through original documents, sound and images. An educational area of study is available to anyone who wants to learn more about the stories concerning the migration from Abruzzo. The visitor experience can be enhanced by the consultation of other documents which are stored in the specialist library attached to the museum.

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